Monday, May 13, 2019

Earn Pop slots Chips and Win REAL Las Vegas Rewards

Pop slots Chips
There is certainly on shortage of casinos on the app store. No matter the platform, no matter your taste. There’s one thing that they all have in common. They all (well, nearly all) try to offer something unique to pull you towards their games.

The problem is that it’s always virtual. Virtual tickets, virtual spins, virtual coins. However, there is a handful of casinos that managed to partner up with real casinos from Las Vegas as well as elsewhere. Pop Slots is one of them.

If you play here, every coin you win, every spin you make will get you closer to a free dinner at the Mirage, a massage at the MGM, or something much, much bigger.


How to Earn Pop Slots Chips

I enjoy playing at casinos such as Pop Slots. But that does not mean winning is easy. There are virtually no shortcuts, no hacks because you’re not going for a million-coin jackpot, you are trying to win real stuff. It’s a challenge, but for me it beats easily winning virtual coins any day.

Plus, official partnerships with casino brands also improve the quality of the experience. Not only rewards. Games, too. It’s understandable that big Las Vegas brands are not just going to share their brand names with apps, offering a mediocre gaming experience.

If you want to know the best way to win Pop Slots coins, head over to this guide. They explain earning Pop slots chips in detail.

My Tips on Earning Pop Slots chips

Like I said, there are no shortcuts. But a few techniques helped me achieve results.

#1 Play Consistently

While I play at Pop Slots, I don’t play at any other mobile casino. I already have very little free time, I don’t want it to split between apps.

Also, I make sure I always login to Pop Slots at least twice a day – morning and evening. Even if I don’t play, I at least pick up the free coins.

#2 Don’t Play for Too Long

Slots are sneaky. Once you win, you naturally feel you’re lucky. Then, you continue. And probably lose.

You must thing about slots like the ocean. Be careful when you get it and make your dives short. There might be a treasure chest. But if you don’t find one quick, get out before the shark appears.

#3 Set a Goal

Browse through the rewards page, see what’s on offer, and pick a prize you would want to win. It helps keeping your motivation high.

Let me repeat myself. Winning is not easy. Once or twice you might even need to buy coins. But, in the end, look at it as a journey. It will be slow, but you will eventually win a real prize.